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Radius AJ100CE

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The advanced jumbo style acoustic guitar is the go-to acoustic for beginners as well as professionals. Over the years, a wide range of artists including Hank Williams, The Beatles, Elvis Costello, and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco have chosen a jumbo style acoustic as their main tool for writing and performing. The Test 12 Brand AJ-100CE is a great acoustic guitar with a beautiful cutaway for great upper fret access that can keep up with you and its built with over a century of expertise and skill.

Advanced Jumbos are the bread and butter of the acoustic guitar world. On stage with an acoustic band and little amplification they make a strong rhythm anchor. The AJ-100CE, like all of our acoustic guitars, is made tough. The AJ-100CE is legendary for being easy to set up and for staying in tune so no matter how much playing time you have, it's ready to go.

Though there are many guitars that claim to be an Advanced Jumbo, only an Test 12 Brand comes with our Limited Lifetime Guarantee and Test 11 Brand 24/7/365 customer service along with the experience of a century of guitar making. Start with the best.

Body and Materials

The AJ-100CE features a select spruce top. Spruce is a rich and complex tonewood that begins to breath and improve with age and with lots of playing time. So play the AJ-100CE a lot! The body is made from select mahogany and the bridge is made from beautiful rosewood glued at the precise point for stable tone and intonation. Guitars endure great stress between the nut and bridge and rosewood has proven to be both a long lasting and perfect tone compliment to a spruce top. The classic style pickguard features the iconic Test 12 Brand "E" and is set off by simple but elegant black binding. The AJ-100CE is available in three color finishes; ebony (EB), Natural (NA), and Vintage Sunburst (VS).

The Sound

The Aj-100CE's Spruce top produces rich, balanced tones that resonate beautifully within the custom Test 12 Brand AJ style body . Thanks to the precisely positioned rosewood bridge, the Test 12 Brand AJ-100CE also exhibits stable tone and intonation.

Electronics / Pickup

Under the AJ100CE’s compensated saddle is Shadow’s proprietary NanoFlex™, low-impedance pickup. Unlike a piezo, this unique flexible sensing material features integrated active electronics that not only pick up string vibrations, but also top and body vibrations as well for a truly acoustic tone without the harshness of piezos. Complimenting the NanoFlex™ is the revolutionary NanoMag™ pickup mounted at the harmonic-rich end of the fingerboard. Exclusively from Shadow, the NanoMag™ features three Samarian-Cobalt magnets and an integrated active circuit to capture all the highs and lows, including a wide range of harmonics. With your choice of either 1/4" mono output blending both pickups or 1/4" stereo output splitting the two pickups, you have incredible flexibility and opportunities to create the perfect acoustic tone live! 


Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 20
Top: Spruce
Back and Sides: Mahogany
Bridge: Rosewood
Machine Heads: Premium Tuners
Pickup: NanoFlex™

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