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Ask any member of our sales team about which electric guitar strings they use, Elixir strings will without a doubt be the favourite. There are a number of fantastic sounding string brands out there, but the element that gives Elixir strings the edge is their long lifespan. One of the easiest sales pitches guitar teacher Alex Cumberland performs is simply to show students his spare electric guitar equipped with 6 month old Elixir strings. The strings still look flawless, with not a spec of rust.

Elixir® Strings deliver the presence, punch, and detail of traditional electric guitar strings. But when it comes to tone life, there is no comparison. The tone of Elixir Strings lasts longer than any other string, uncoated or coated.


Why Gus G, guitarist of Ozzy Osbourne chooses Elixir Strings.

John Paul White of The Civil Wars talks about the great feel and sound of Elixir Strings

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