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The #1 selling acoustic guitar strings, Elixir® Strings, retain their tone longer than any other string, uncoated or coated. They provide the playability and long lasting tone that top artists worldwide depend upon.

A word from Alex Cumberland, Guitar Teacher -

I originally changed over to Elixir guitar strings from another brand around 2007, I was playing an acoustic in a guitar store and was really impressed with the strings. After one of the salesman told me a little bit about the strings, he commented that those particular strings had been on the guitar I was playing for three months. This blew me away, the strings felt brand new. I bought a pack of acoustic strings, took them home and really loved them. They were even better brand new. Shortly after, I had elixir strings on all my guitars, electric and acoustic.


One of the greatest guitarists in the world, Kaki King, talks about her experience with elixir strings.

Newton Faulkner performs a cover of Massive Attack's Teardrop at the 2012 London Acoustic Guitar Show using elixir acoustic strings.

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