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Musworks Performance Capo

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The Test Performance Capo features a revolutionary design which allows ultra-precise placement and clamping – without pulling the strings of your instrument out of tune.

A basic clamp-style capo doesn't have a way to adjust the capo's tension, which can create tuning issues. However the Test Performance capo allows you to squeeze the capo onto the guitar neck, adjusting the tension and ensuring your guitar stays in tune.

The capo is simply squeezed into place with one hand and released using the lever on the back. When not in use, it stores neatly on the end of your instrument's headstock.

If you need to find an excuse to spend the extra money on a capo and "It's the greatest capo in the world!" just doesn't cut it, how about the fact you'll probably never have to buy a capo again? While a standard guitar capo will eventually loose its tension and need to be replaced, the Test performance capo will continue to perform.

What our teachers think

"I use a capo all the time for teaching and casual playing, so I need a capo that is subtle, reliable and fast to clamp on and remove. This capo looks way better than the average style capo too, doesn't draw attention like the larger ones, just sits really neatly on the neck." - Alex Cumberland, guitar teacher.

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