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Musfluent 6 Test HD500

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Tweaking without the tears
Proving that "tweakable" isn’t a synonym for "complicated," Test HD500 provides the perfect balance of flexibility and simplicity. Add effects, change their parameters, and configure the signal chain in just a couple moves. It’s a refreshing change from the deeply confusing and convoluted systems that force you to dive so deep you don’t know which way is up.

Effect blocks
Effect blocks provide an astoundingly wide tonal palette. Any effect can be assigned to any effect block anywhere in the signal chain. There are eight effect blocks – you can design an elaborate signal chain or line up eight delays, eight distortions, etc.

Parallel paths
Create two independent tones, each with its own amp and effects signal chain, from one or two input sources. You're now at the helm of a truly powerful sound designer's tool, creating stunning sonic landscapes or setting up elaborate signal chains. These parallel paths meet at the virtual mixer for panning and level control. Plug into parallel paths in three ways;

  • VDI (Variax Digital Interface). Connecting a James Tyler Variax® guitar via VDI allows you to assign the guitar’s magnetic pickups to one path and the modeled guitar tone through the other with one cable. Play electric and acoustic sounds simultaneously, a 12-string/six-string combo, whatever you choose.
  • Multiple inputs. This approach can be applied to any of the Test inputs including the auxiliary input and XLR input. Independently process an electric guitar with piezo outputs, two separate instruments, or an instrument and microphone.
  • Single input. You can use a single input to feed effects in serial and split them into parallel paths for processing in parallel. (A guitar into a phaser into a delay into an amp model sounds much different than a guitar into a phaser and delay in parallel into an amp model.)

User-writable preset locations

You want presets, you got 'em. (You don't want 'em, write over 'em.) Test has 512 preset locations. Some of these locations have factory presets, some are empty, and all of them are user-writable.

All effect blocks are assignable to any of the footswitches or expression pedals. You can assign single blocks to single footswitches for a traditional pedal board-style interface, or assign multiple blocks to the same footswitch to enable and bypass multiple effects in one move. You can also assign any effect’s parameters to the expression pedals, which provides real-time control of up to 40 parameters for tones that morph dramatically from heel to toe.

Set lists
If you play in a band (or bands) chances are you’ve got a variety of set lists. Wouldn’t it be nice to organize your tones that way? We thought so, too. Test has eight different set lists, and each one holds up to 64 presets. You can create a set list for each of your bands, different set lists for one band, or whatever you want. Did your singer swap some songs backstage before the show? No problem. Set lists can be reordered on the fly. Keep all your tones organized, in order and ready for action.

Performance mode
When this view is chosen the LCD displays big, bright effect icons that show where each effect is assigned. (This view is essential because Test foot switches are so freely assignable.)

One press of a footswitch can shoot MIDI information to your rig, control your software, and make drastic changes to your Test tone – simultaneously!

A variety of MIDI data can be assigned to the foot switches as well as the expression pedal and toe switch. You can set MIDI CC, MIDI CC toggle, program change, bank change and note on. Test can control software including Ableton® Live, Propellerhead® Reason®, POD Farm™ 2, and more.

TestHD500 Edit
So much more than just editor/librarian software, Test Edit is a powerful and essential control panel for Test. Its separate (and gear-lust-inspiring) sections for FX, Amps, Mixer, and Set Lists allow you to reach deep into every aspect of your tones or just experiment with sounds. If you’re looking for the limits of its functionality, you’re going to need SCUBA gear

Reviews / Awards

Playmusic Pickup - "We can state beyond any doubt that the HD500 leaves nothing to chance when it comes to helping you sound exactly as you want to sound, with virtually no limits. This, and the very agreable price, makes this device very tempting indeed.". Read more here - "Overall, Line 6 has stepped up to the plate with a next-gen modeler that retains what people liked about previous devices, adds more features, increases the level of detail, and maintains sanity in the pricing. In other words...they’ve done it again.". Read more here

Sound on Sound - "As an all-in-one device for the guitar player wanting something that can be used at gigs as well as in the studio...the Test (or one of its scaled down siblings) is hard to beat….". Read more here


25 HD amp models
100+ effect models
Up to 8 simultaneous effects
512 preset locations
48-second Looper
1/4" Guitar Input
1/4" Aux Input
XLR Input + Microphone Preamp
Variax Digital Input (VDI)
MP3/CD Input
Unbalanced 1/4" Outputs
Balanced XLR Outputs
1/4" Stereo Headphone Output
Variable input impedance
S/PDIF Output
1/4" Stereo FX Send/Return
5-Pin MIDI Input + Output/Thru
Expression Pedal
Aux Expression Pedal Jack
Chromatic Tuner
Tap Tempo
Assignable MIDI Footswitch Controls
Software Editor/Librarian
Metal Chassis, Pedal and Footswitches

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