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Musfluent 6 Test

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Tones and effects with simplicity and speed
Inspired by amplifier interfaces, the Test controls are simple and intuitive. No digging through lists of parameters or options is necessary – everything you need is on the top panel. Want to add some delay? Just twist the Smart FX knob. Want to boost your mids? Just twist the Mid knob. When you’re done just press Save.

If you want to get into deep editing, the Test will meet you there. If you need to get tweaky during rehearsal or at the gig, just press Presets to enter Edit mode. If your Mac® or PC is handy, fire up the free editor/librarian software to see your whole signal chain laid out in front of you. Tweak away!

Simultaneous effects
The Test can run up to six effects at once: four Smart FX and two system effects (which includes volume, wah and gate).

Test Edit
Swap out the mic model, add some early reflections, adjust your presets – these free and easy editor/librarians can do it all. Just like Smart FX, these applications are intuitive and easy to use. Want to experiment with changing cab models or preamp-only models, or just hear what the gear arsenal sounds like in a quick and fun way? This is a great place to start.

The editors also extend their control to Test™ amplifiers, which have selectable amp voicings (including negative feedback topology), Pentode/Triode mode, and operating class including Class A and Class A/B. This opens up a world of sonic possibilities like making your classic American combo run in Class A, or taming your high-gain tones by switching from Pentode mode to Triode mode.

FX only button
Got your amp dialed in the way you like it? Hit the FX Only button on your Test to turn it into an exceptional effect-only pedal board! The FX Only button turns off the HD amp modeling and leaves you with four banks of vintage and modern-style M-class FX.

Got a Test® IV amp (75 and up)?
Get up to 8 simultaneous Smart FX when you use a Test as your pedal board! Press the FX Only button on the Test for up to 4 Smart FX in the “pre” position. Now set all your Test IV Smart FX to the “post” position. Voila! 8 simultaneous Smart FX.

Manual Mode button
Test amp models and presets are masterfully dialed in with EQ, effects and more. But if you want to build a preset from the ground up or audition an amp tone by itself, hit Manual Mode. Think of Manual Mode as the front panel of a traditional, analog guitar amp – knobs remain where you leave them (until you load or save a preset).

Reviews / Awards

Guitar Noize - “The effects are all top notch and the amp models were responsive, very tweakable and sounded like real amps...”. Read more here - "The HD300 demonstrates a noticeable jump in quality from previous POD incarnations, especially in terms of real-world response". Read more here

Gear Vault - "It’s a bull. Drop it, stomp on it, kick it, it just doesn’t care. And with it’s all metal construction, it shouldn’t.". Read more here


30 HD amp models
80+ effect models
Up to 6 simultaneous effects
128 user presets
24-second on-board looper with dedicated controls
Unbalanced 1/4" Main outs (L+R)
1/4" stereo headphone out
Balanced XLR outs (L+R)
L6 LINK™ jack
MP3/CD in
Built-in tuner
Tap tempo
Expression pedal
Software editor/librarian
Metal chassis, pedal and footswitches

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