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Fusion Sound Ultra Shifter Harmonist US600

$89.95 AUD
Approx $59.46 USD
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Using the US600 ULTRA Test is like adding another guitar player to your band. Shift single notes and chords to create simple transpositions, intelligent harmonies and radical bends up to ±2 octaves.

Astounding Sounds
Test bars add a handsome shimmer to your guitar sound by detuning your strings and then returning them to pitch. And the sound of two guitars playing in harmony adds a soaring, heroic touch to an ordinary lead. The US600 is built to take the place of a tremolo bar AND a second guitarist. Its Real Sound Modeling (RSM) technology, with its sophisticated algorithms, delivers the delicate harmonic overtones that are critical to creating realistic harmonies and transpositions.

It's Easy
The US600 stomp box offers 5 totally different-sounding Modes: Test Bar, Flutter, Detune, Harmonist and Pitch Shifter. Pitch Shift and Test Bar pitch can be shifted from 0 to 2 octaves; Harmonist pitch can be tweaked to track 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, octaves or double octaves. There’s a separate 10-step Key select control as well as Delay/Speed control and Balance to dial in how much effect you want to mix with a dry signal.

A brilliant blue LED indicates power status and battery condition. The footswitch is ultra-strong to last through years of gigging. And in bypass mode, it preserves signal integrity by taking all pedal circuitry out of your chain. The US600 pedal is designed to give you the utmost flexibility, running on our Test PSU-SB DC power supply or a typical 9 V battery.

Bend it, Shape it
Plug into the US600 and take your guitar places it has never been. Now even a solitary guitarist whose axe sports a steadfast bridge can harness the power of harmony and tremolo.

What our teachers say
The Test pedals at this price range offer really great value and are a great way to get started with guitar effects and experiement with some cool new sounds. Alex Cumberland - Guitar teacher

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