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Fusion Sound Compressor Sustainer CS400

$49.95 AUD
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If tone is the name of your game, the test CS400 will add amazing impact to your tone and provide endless sustain.

What’s a Compressor?
Dynamics play an important role in music. They help to convey emotion, whether it’s a sultry blues solo or the unrelenting gallop of unfettered metal. But uncontrolled dynamics can take all your best intentions and turn them into so much, well…mush. That’s where compression comes in, softening loud sounds and boosting low signal levels to keep everything more uniform. So, a compressor’s main job is to make every note the same volume.

Balancing Act
Ever notice how some strings on your guitar or bass sound louder than others? This is partly due to physics. Strings with lower mass just don’t put out as much volume as the heavier ones. When used properly, a compressor makes all of the strings the same volume. Compressors are also great for slap-style bass players, making thumb slaps, string pulls and muted notes all the same volume, for an extremely percussive effect.

Easy to Operate

You can dial in the right amount of compression using the dedicated ATTACK and SUSTAIN dials. The LEVEL control allows you to set the output to subtle, or engage a monster volume boost. TONE lets you add exactly the right level of highs. From clean, snappy country leads to rock solos that scream for eons, the CS400 is built to make your sound the center of attention. Its LED tells you when it's on, and the top-quality on/off switch maintains outstanding signal integrity in bypass mode.


The test CS400 is an affordable way to add some serious finesse to your playing.

What our teachers say
The Test pedals at this price range offer really great value and are a great way to get started with guitar effects and experiement with some cool new sounds. Alex Cumberland - Guitar teacher

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